About the California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders

Our organization was formed to recognize and protect the unique heritage of this magnificent American breed of cattle. We also want to promote public awareness of its traits here in California. To accomplish this, we sponsor a World Qualifier show for the TLBAA at the California State Fair as well as encourage our member breeders to exhibit their cattle in other shows and fairs.


What Sets Us Apart

California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders (CATLB) sponsors events and shows to inspire breeders to build a herd even if only several animals in size. Social gatherings, cow colleges and seminars give our members a chance to mingle and learn more about Longhorns.  We exchange care and feeding practices as well as branding, registration and vaccination requirements. We send newsletters regularly to keep them informed about news and upcoming events.

As an affiliate of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), our not-for-profit organization invites members to register their cattle. Additionally, we support and fund a youth program to help youngsters raise and train Texas Longhorns.