The Youth Is the Future of Texas Longhorns in California

Welcome to the California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders’ youth page. We are fortunate to have many young members join our community.

Many people ask us, “What does the youth program entail?” This is what we say: Do you love animals? Do you like to be a part of a team? Can you commit and stay with it? Then you could be a part of the youth group.

Ask any of the kids what it is they enjoy about halter breaking a Texas Longhorn calf, and you would get a variety of answers. They would say that it is the variety of colors that the longhorn comes in or because they are so sweet and have such a good attitude. The kids would also say it is because they like going to shows and fairs. Also, the sense of accomplishment they get when the calf is halter broke and doing well in the show ring.

Youth Programs and Activities

The youth learn so much when they are in the program. More than the history of the breed, they are taught to respect the animals they work with as well as the people around them. We teach young people how to halter break the calf of their choosing, walk with them, and groom and bathe them.

We also teach what to look for when picking out a calf—this is called the conformation of a calf. Another is the showmanship aspect. This is when we instruct the youth how to dress for the show ring, stand and walk their animal for the judge, and use the show stick.

The youth have established a board of directors who make decisions as to what direction their program will go. They decide what fundraisers they would like to do. The money raised can be used to help send a youth to the world show or help buy prizes for their projects.

Come and see us at one of our shows or the California State Fair. The kids would love to see you and tell you all about the calves they are showing. They can also answer any questions you might have.